REVIEW: {Killing Lincoln} by Bill O’Reilly

Murder, mystery, and politics. Sounds like a compelling fiction novel, doesn’t it? But Killing Lincoln is hardly a fabrication……well, almost.

Fox News show host Bill O’Reilly, along with historian Martin Dugard, dive into the untold history surrounding Lincoln’s assassination. These authors will take you back to a time when the country was at its most vulnerable, and bring historical characters to life.

Divided into four parts, this New York Times bestseller will relive:

1. Total War

2. The Ides of Death

3. The Long Good Friday

and finally end with,

4. The Chase

Chapter Breakdown

I love how the authors spend so much time developing the assassination plot. By the end of the Civil war, you have a fairly accurate representation of each side’s mindset, and how easily an extreme activist could flourish in that environment.

The suspense leading up to the murder is also well-crafted. As an engaged reader, you already know the outcome of Lincoln’s trek to Ford’s Theater, yet you still hold out hope the President will be delayed, or Booth will run late. I suppose it’s kind of silly, but that’s how good this book really is!

Don’t be fooled into thinking Killing Lincoln belongs with your high school history books - It bears the mark of a true historical thriller.

Here’s a 5 minute clip¬†from the audiobook,¬†narrated by Bill O’Reilly!

Author Notes

Bill O’Reilly is the anchor of The O’Reilly Factor, the highest -rated cable news show in the country. He also writes a syndicated newspaper column and is the author of several number-one bestselling books.

Martin Dugard is the New York Times bestselling author of several books of history. His book Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingstone has been adapted into a History Channel special.

I enjoyed reading O’Reilly’s novel so much, that I wanted to give it a 5 out of 5, but historical inaccuracy bumped it down to a 4. You can find those “minor misstatements” in this Washington Post article.


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