Bride of a Stranger (Classic Gothics Collection #2)

Bride of a Stranger (Classic Gothics Collection #2)
October 1st 1990 by G. K. Hall & Company

Claire is too innocent to suspect that her marriage is a cruel farce,
believing instead that the dangerous accidents that keep appearing in her
path are just that?accidents.

She wedded Justin Leroux suddenly and silently. He was the tall dark
stranger of her girlhood dreams, and had finally come to take her away.
She returns with him to Sans Songe, the Leroux family plantation in
Louisiana. A near-fatal accident on the road to the plantation does not
bode well for her future there. And indeed, many nasty surprises await
her at the plantation itself. Voodoo magic, poisoned food, and a murder
mystery force Claire into a stalemate. She is helpless within the bosom
of her frigid and isolating new family, while her husband has yet to come
to her bed. He may even be hoping for her destruction, as she is drawn
into an ever more tangled web of passion and intrigue...

The Bewitching Grace (Classic Gothics Collection #7)

The Bewitching Grace (Classic Gothics Collection #7)

A young girl has been murdered, her body in perpetual slumber among the surrounding trees. The act seems random and unexplainable. Explain the dead lizard impaled on her pillow as a warning. Anne...
Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams

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Silent Deception

Silent Deception

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Joanna Gawn, author of The Lazuli Portals

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The House of Many Doors

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The Midnight Bell

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Legend of the Loch

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Art of Darkness: A Poetics of Gothic

Art of Darkness: A Poetics of Gothic

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