REVIEW: {Once Upon a Prince} by Rachel Hauck


While Prince Nathaniel travels to America on holiday, he never dreamed he’d meet up with an ordinary girl who had just come out of a 12-year relationship. Yet, Susanna never dreamed she’d become friends with a prince either.  As their friendship leads to something more, Nate knows he simply cannot continue to see her, let […]

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REVIEW: {The House that Love Built} by Beth Wiseman


Brooke Holloway lost her husband in a car accident two years ago, and is still grieving for her first love. When recently divorced Owen Saunders moves into town and buys the Hadley mansion, Brooke is curious to find out if the rumors she’s heard about the house are actually true. Both begin an innocent friendship, […]

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REVIEW: {Covenant Child} by Terri Blackstock


Step-mom Amanda is devastated when the two little girls she came to love through marriage are torn away from her after their father’s death. It isn’t the welfare of the children that is the grandparent’s concern, it’s about the inheritance. The girls are fed lie after lie by their guardians growing up, and when they […]

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REVIEW: {An Amish Kitchen} by Various Authors


An Amish Kitchen shares heartwarming stories about three young Amish women whose kitchen is truly the heart of their home. Fern is an herbalist, concocting natural medicines for her community, and often has her running into her neighbors’ oldest son. Hannah runs a bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania for her parents, but when an Amish […]

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REVIEW: {Firefly Island} by Lisa Wingate


Mallory….single, 34, and desperately in love with a man she’s only known for a month. When Daniel asks her to marry him and move from DC to Texas for a new job and become a mom to his little boy, she says yes. But she had no idea what exactly she said yes to. Daniel’s […]

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REVIEW: {Goodbye to Yesterday} by Wanda E. Brunstetter


When Luke Stoltzfus loses his woodworking job, the financial strain starts to create a rift between him and his wife, Meridith. A spur of the moment decision sends Luke out of town to receive training in a new trade from his Uncle, while Meridith is left alone to care for the house until he gets […]

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REVIEW: {Angel Island Series} by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer


If you’ve ever read Thomas Kinkade’s Cape Light series (and enjoyed it!), you’ll be please to know that his Angel Island series is a spin off that little town. Angel Island is located off the New England coast and is home to a fishing village, goat farms, and a quaint Bed-and-Breakfast. It’s exactly where I’d […]

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REVIEW SNIPPETS: A Visit to Nantucket, Adventure on the High Seas, and a Baxter Family Finale


I don’t always have a lot to say about every book I read. So, instead of posting a full-length review, I’m giving you a short line-up of my latest finds. 1. {Coming Home} by Karen Kingsbury The much anticipated Baxter Family wrap-up started out slow, but gained momentum for the last 2/3 of the book […]

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