Double Dare

Double Dare
December 1st 1990 by Silhouette Books

Casey Clinton was in a bind. Custody courts didn't favor single fathers, and he seemed perilously close to losing his beloved nephew. What he needed was a wife. And since childhood buddy Joanna Vail had always stood by his side through thick and thin, why shouldn't she stand beside him at the altar, too?

Long-standing loyalty demanded Joanna wed Casey...something completely different drew her to his bed. But adult urges upset childhood chumminess, and emotions more daring than mere desire threatened their camaraderie. Had Joanna gone and fallen in love with her husband? And could either admit their commitment had more than a practical purpose?

Valentine Bride (Bravo Family  #27)

Valentine Bride (Bravo Family #27)


Regal, reserved Irina Lukovic was the perfect live-in housekeeper. Until she found out she was being sent back to her war-torn homeland. So Caleb Bravo came up with the ideal...
Practically Married (Bravo Family  #3)

Practically Married (Bravo Family #3)

Lovely widowed mother Tess DeMarley had "perfect wife" written all over her, but rancher Zach Bravo had lost at love once before. So he proposed an arranged marriage. And he knew that it would...
Bravo Family Ties (Bravo Family  #1-3)

Bravo Family Ties (Bravo Family #1-3)

REISSUE of Books 1, 2, and 3 in the Bravo Family Series.

The Nine-Month Marriage

Once upon a time, Abby Heller was the lovable, headstrong kid who idolized Cash Bravo. In her hero-worshiping eyes,...
The Marriage Conspiracy (Bravo Family, #9) (Bravo Family  #9)

The Marriage Conspiracy (Bravo Family, #9) (Bravo Family #9)

Hardworking detective Dekker Smith had always been beautician Joleen Tilly's best buddy. But when Joleen fell for a rich boy's honeyed lies—producing precious but fatherless little...
Lori's Little Secret (Bravo Family, #15) (Bravo Family  #15)

Lori's Little Secret (Bravo Family, #15) (Bravo Family #15)

Rumor had it that Lori Lee Billingworth's son was the result of a one-night stand. Little did attorney Tucker Bravo know that he was the man involved. For Lori Lee and her twin...
Marriage, Bravo Style! (Bravo Family  #31)

Marriage, Bravo Style! (Bravo Family #31)

You are cordially invited to of
Elena Cabrera Bravo and Rogan Murdoch

Date: As soon as labor is over.
Time: Just enough for the bride to fit into something other than a...
The Black Tower

The Black Tower

Can Darkness be used for good? Can Light bear evil?

When Darkness and Light collide can there be survivors?

Maybe the question is should there be?

Gabraith used the Darkness to increase his lands; enrich his own treasury and cause...