The Fantasy Hall of Fame

The Fantasy Hall of Fame
January 1st 1998 by Harper Prism

Trouble with water / H. L. Gold --
Nothing in the rules / L. Sprague de Camp --
Fruit of knowledge / C. L. Moore --
Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius / Jorge Luis Borges --
Compleat werewolf / Anthony Boucher --
Small assassin / Ray Bradbury --
Lottery / Shirley Jackson --
Our fair city / Robert A. Heinlein --
There shall be no darkness / James Blish --
Loom of darkness / Jack Vance --
Man who sold rope to the gnoles / Margaret St. Clair --
Silken-swift / Theodore Sturgeon --
Golem / Avram Davidson --
Operation afreet / Poul Anderson --
That hell-bound train / Robert Bloch --
Bazaar of the bizarre / Fritz Leiber --
Come lady death / Peter S. Beagle --
Drowned giant / J. G. Ballard --
Narrow valley / R. A. Lafferty --
Faith of our fathers / Philip K. Dick --
Ghost of a Model T / Clifford D. Simak --
Demoness / Tanith Lee --
Jeffty is five / Harlan Ellison --
Detective of dreams / Gene Wolfe --
Unicorn variations / Roger Zelazny --
Basileus / Robert Silverberg --
Jaguar Hunter / Lucius Shepard --
Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight / Ursula K. Le Guin --
Bears discover fire / Terry Bisson --
Tower of Babylon / Ted Chiang.

To the Land of the Living (Gilgamesh #2)

To the Land of the Living (Gilgamesh #2)

In the universe of the Afterworld, time and places flow fluidly according to a demon's whim. And there, Gilgamesh of Urik is joined by the eternally ravishing Helen of Troy and the godlike artificer Picasso in a journey more...
Majipoor Chronicles (Lord Valentine #2)

Majipoor Chronicles (Lord Valentine #2)

Come to Majipoor, the magnificently exotic planet of Lord Valentine's Castle. Come to Hissune, favorite of Valentine, as he probes the deepest secrets of Majipoor's long past in the depths of the great Labyrinth. Join...
A Man Betrayed (The Book of Words #2)

A Man Betrayed (The Book of Words #2)

At Castle Harvell demented Prince Kylock grabs the reins of power and hate by murdering his father. Harvell's two young refugees are torn apart by the storms of war:
Headstrong young Melliandra is captured by brutal slavers...
Ratha's Challenge (The Named #4)

Ratha's Challenge (The Named #4)

As Ratha struggles to reconcile with Thistle-chaser, the daughter she once tried to kill, the Named are locked in another struggle when they confront a strange clan of hunter cats who are driven by and completely dependent on the...
Witch's Canyon (Supernatural #2)

Witch's Canyon (Supernatural #2)

Twenty-two years ago, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. In the years after, their father, John, taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on...
Revenge of the Dragon Lady (Dragon Slayers' Academy #2)

Revenge of the Dragon Lady (Dragon Slayers' Academy #2)

Is a wizard's spell for courage enough to save Wiglaf when the "Mother of all Dragons" (or at least of 3,684 of them) comes looking for the lad who slayed son number 92?
A Tolkien Compass

A Tolkien Compass

Eleven essays and articles, including:

* Gollum's Character Transformation in THE HOBBIT
Examines the extensive revisions Tolkien made in the second hardcover edition of The Hobbit and demonstrates how the character of Gollum is made more evil...