Mariachi [With CD (Audio)]

Mariachi [With CD (Audio)]
June 1st 2009 by Gibbs Smith Publishers

MARIACHI IS MORE THAN THE MUSIC of trumpets and violins: it is the makings of a celebration, a party, a wedding, a festival, or a concert. The author's narrative captures the world of mariachi and its development through her interviews with many mariachis, who give unique perspectives on the culture. Tales of life as a mariachi are interwoven with enlightening biographies of mariachi greats, favorite song lyrics, and forty recipes from the mariachi culture.
Jorge Negrete
Pedro Infante
Miguel Aceves Mejia
Javier Solis
Jose Alfredo Jimenez
Miguel Martinez and Mariachi Tolteca
Jesus Rodriguez de Hijar
Ruben Fuentes
Nati Cano
Rigoberto Alfaro
Heriberto Molina
And more
Myriad camps, conferences, workshops, festivals, and a multitude of associations promote mariachi music. Some of the major conferences are held in San Antonio, Tucson, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, San Jose, and Guadalajara (Mexico's Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi).
Mariachi is taught at UCLA at the Institute of Ethnomusicology and is the center of mariachi graduate studies in the United States.
The genre of mariachi has now evolved from local musicians playing in small Mexican villages to professional artists appearing in concert halls, sports arenas, and performance stages throughout the world, including the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.
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National broadcast and print publicity.
Co-op available.
Patricia Greathouse played with Mariachi Azteca for nine years. She is a restaurant reviewer and food feature writer for the Santa Fe New Mexican, The New Mexican, and other publications.

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