Cover Crazy: A Winter Wonderland


I know, I know…..I hate snow with a passion, and I’m really not wishing an early winter upon us, but how can you not love this cover? It’s positively striking. The dark hair, the red barn, the flurries in the air….I couldn’t not share. (And yes, I realize I just used a double negative. I […]

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Cover Crazy: It’s Becoming Sinister Around Here


Two books in my recent possession have covers that are serious and foreboding. I borrowed The Girl in the Gatehouse from my grandma, which I just finished reading, and I have to review Inescapable for a book publisher. Haven’t started that one yet. Only while the books were sitting side-by-side on my nightstand did I […]

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Cover Crazy: A Kingsbury Romance Creates Suspense


This is the month Karen Kingsbury releases the last book in her Bailey Flanigan series, and I am super stoked. Except, these books drive me a little crazy. For three novels, I experienced frustration, worry, sadness, and hope, as I rode the roller coaster called Bailey’s Love Life. Cody watched Bailey grow up into an […]

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